• 1 STOP Internet pornography
    Motyl blocks sexual and pornographic content on Internet web pages in all Latin alphabet- based languages. User- settable features of the program: filtering web pages with sexual and pornographic content, filtering pedophile web pages, filtering drug-related web pages, filtering cult/sect websites, blocking access to chat rooms...
  • 2 The best anti porn software.
    Motyl is monitoring clipboard content, blocking the ability to run any applications on your computer, blocking registry editing tools, blocking Task Manager editing, setting up Internet access time limits, recording your computer screen content in the form of graphic files, recording keyboard-entered data, recording the program actions...
  • 3 Porn hurts everyone
    The program has a very effective mechanism of operation. Motyl analyses the content of a page with regard to forbidden words and it closes the site in case they occur. This mechanism enables Motyl to handle successfully newly developed sites as well as foreign-language sites...
  • 4 Your child fights alone!
    The Motyl program has built-in key words and it analyses web pages with regard to the occurrence of the words in the content of the pages. The words come from many languages. If the amount of the forbidden words on a page reaches an excessive level the page is closed. The amount of built-in key words in the program as well as their selection are optimal and sufficient...
  • 5 Is your child internet addict?
    Is your child internet addict? Time restrictions, to disallow internet access during designated times. This very useful feature allows you to specify the hours during which browsers can be used on separate weekdays. The user will not be allowed to use any Internet browsers at the forbidden hours. That way parents can monitor the amount of time spent online...

Logs report

hidden dangers in Internet space

Logs report


Motyl takes logs of online activity when it's running, so parents can see just where their kids are hanging out when online.

The event log window shows the events that occurred on your computer, which required the program?s intervention. They may have included the following: attempting to access a porn site, entering a vulgar word via the keyboard, copying a vulgar word to the cache memory.
The events are stored on separate tabs, for each day along with the time at which they occurred. hidden dangers in Internet space


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